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We’re all about our customers, technology and thinking differently. We’re a team of experts focused on finding strategic, new solutions to all of your challenges. We’re Diagonal Software. Nice to meet you.

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Diagonal Software: The dynamic web agency based in Darmstadt.

For us, Diagonal is more than just a name. It is the way we think and face challenges. Our international team of software experts shares our passion and enthusiasm for new, different approaches and extraordinary ideas. Straightforward, consistent and well-tried solutions are not for us. Together with you, we would like to find new, interesting and effective solutions, customized to your individual needs. In order to support you, we define your goals together with you to design and develop efficient solutions for your digital needs, detached from existing standard procedures. Let us think diagonally!
What We do
web development

Web Development

The engine that powers our innovations

Web Development

Behind every one of our great designs is even more impressive technology.
Mobile App Development Solutions

Mobile App Development

Mobile Innovation just for you

Mobile App Development

We vow to take your business to all your customer's hand.
Digital Product Design

UI/UX: Digital Product Design

Give your site a look to set you apart

UI/UX: Digital Product Design

At Diagonal, great, functional design is everything.
Chatbot Development Services

Chatbot Development

Change the way your customer communicates

Chatbot Development

Be a part of the exponential growth!
Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting / DevOps

Downtime won't happen on our watch

Web Hosting/DevOps

Everyone loves a solid, stable hosting service that’s easy to use, easy to update and is affordable and reliable.
Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning Services

Machine learning solutions for you

Machine Learning Services

Machines are learning and it is the future.
Blockchain Software Development Services

Blockchain Software Development

Bring blockchain technology to your daily business.

Blockchain Software Development

Let us help you get in the block chain race.


Turning your old school system into digital world


We will make sure your product is digitalized.
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Technologies we use
Laravel - PHP web framework


Node JS

Node js

React - JavaScript library

React/React Native

Docker: Enterprise Container Platform








Adobe XD

Adobe XD



Swift Programming Language


Java Programming Language


Python Programming Language


PHP, Server Scripting Language


Ubuntu Software Operating System



How we bring ideas to life

Gather Information

First, we want to get to know you, your company, your needs and your goals in order to understand exactly what you need. Only when we know your goals are we able to discuss the next step together with you. After this has been done, we begin to plan your project.

Wireframes und Mockups

Depending on your project requirements, we now create wireframes and mockups. This allows us to discuss with you all the details of the user interface, whether it is a website, an interface or an app. This helps our designers quickly localize what you and your customers need, always with a focus on the user and usability.

Development and content

We take a close look at the content and details of your product. During this phase, we work in 2-week sprints, which further enhance the efficiency of our work. In this way, we ensure that you are informed about any progress and that we are always in touch until we have developed the perfect solution for you.

Fine-tuning and project completion

Our designers bring out the best of each design element to create a unique and authentic image for your business. At the end of your project, our experts conduct extensive testing sessions. After your product has gone live, we will be happy to discuss the next steps with you.

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Make an appointment

To ensure that your consultation is a real success, we need some information about your company. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your request.


Free strategy call

The strategy discussion can optionally be held by telephone or in person. We'd like to get to know your company and you and give you an initial, individual strategy. Of course completely free of charge!



Now we start and plan your solution, so that your digital projects will be successful. In this way you can concentrate more on your business, because we take over the entire development process.

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